Saturday, December 9, 2006

Is Google now an E-media company?

Over the past 13 months, we have watched the behemoth known as Google transform the advertising business with its search algorithm, or should I say its search and destroy approach to business (lookout Yahoo! and Microsoft), becoming a vortex for all things advertised on the web. You can't develop a website without pondering the possible revenue you could earn if you joined the AdSense network and becoming another component in the viral marketing machine that is Google. After analyzing Google's purchase of Youtube and its strategic media partnerships it is safe to assume that at its core Google is an advertising company. They have recently made several offline forays into radio and newspaper for both advertising inventory and advertising metrics bringing their online efficiencies to these offline staples.

Through acquisitions such as dMarc and partnerships with the New York Times,
Google is betting its technology can do for radio and newspaper what it has already done for the Internet by automating the process for selling and distributing ads to an audience where the messages are most likely to pique consumer interest, therefore bring efficiencies to these markets. In the future I wouldn't be surprised if a company's advertising budget started with Google and then went to Madison Avenue.

Currently Google is the largest online company with both the content and advertising expertise to bring a true internet TV platform to the masses. Hence the dawn of E-media. E-media will essentially be content created by both the traditional TV/Movie studios and individual users (Youtube, Veoh) delivered across a variety of mobile and Wifi platforms and devices.


Panamaican said...

First...good stuff. Keep the analysis coming.

Anonymous said...

Interesting angle about a tech company...